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First Project Deliverables submitted to the EC

At the end of November 2020 (3rd month of the ECC-SMAR Project), a set of deliverables were submitted to the EC, as well as checking the completion of the first milestones.

ECC-SMART: the first three months

After the Kick-off meeting, the Consortium started working on the Project straight away! The early deliverables that were due for November 2020 were all produced and submitted on time to the EC, together with the completion of the established early milestones. The Consortium as a whole came together as a team, establishing its ‘visual identity’ and producing the first Project Newsletter to keep all our members across the 3 continents updated of the work of others!

The initial submitted deliverables and achieved milestones addressed areas from internal management (exchange server, quality plan, etc.) to the dissemination plan.


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